Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against skunks? (No)

Skunks are such animals which scare the other people through their dangerous urinal spray. If you disturb them, only then they will be after you. Ammonia and mothballs are not much recommendable for the removal of the skunks from the premises of your house. Other than this at times high pitch sound vibrations or machines are also used against the skunks. The high pitch sound machines are not much active in giving productive results. These machines also work in the same way as other deterrent substances work. These devices are the ones which produce different sounds from the machine. The sound frequency along with its wavelength may vary depending upon the location. The main purpose of using high pitch sound devices is to make the skunks run away from their den and move to another area or if already out, they do not return back again. In the beginning the skunks may be afraid, when they will hear some high frequency sounds but with the passage of time, they will be familiar with these sounds and won’t be scared of it anymore. These sounds are usually recorded and hence the natural predators are a part of it. The predators include: fox or Coyotes. These two sounds are used in the recorded because the skunk is afraid of them and hence as a result, the skunk will run away from that particular place.

Problems linked with the high pitch sound machines:
Each machine comes with both its benefits and non-benefits. Some of the problems associated with such machines are:

  • They are used on electricity. The electricity can be halted at any time.
  • If the batteries are used in those machines, they may run out at any time.
  • It will be quite easy for the skunk to move here and there, if the battery supply fails every time the machine is turned on.
  • It leads to an increase in cost for the homeowner.
The high pitch sounds will not work on skunks for a longer time. Before the skunks run away from their places, they tend to wait for some time and look for their predators. So due to this, such sounds are never workable with the skunks. However, if the skunks are scared of such noise, they may become aggressive and disturb the person who comes in their way.

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